My teaching philosophy is based on a belief that teaching and learning is a holistic process where both lecturer and students are equally important in ensuring good teaching and learning experiences. Other that the interaction and relationship between all involved parties, the learning outcomes, delivery methods, environments and teaching atmosphere are important as well.

Since 2009, I have been teaching undergraduate and master courses, supervising teaching laboratories and student projects. It is my belief that each individual is unique therefore the level of understanding of each individual would be different. I find joy and satisfaction in analyzing my students’ strength and weaknesses, and tailors’ my lecture approach to best suit them. I do not stop at just delivering lecture contents to them, but I give them more by inspiring them to be self driven independent learner, and be passionate in their studies so that they could reach their goals.

Whereas my goal in this career is to see our next generation to be successful and able to be live their life to the fullness.