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Project Students

Final Year Project Students (Degree)
1. Wynn Emma Doyok (2009): Smart Counter for Car Parking
2. Badrul Hisyam bin Ibrahim (2009): Automatic Silent Mode Zone Detection for Mobile Phone
3. Amir Asyraf bin Janorin (2010/11): Smart Pigeon Hole
4. Mohamad Irwan bin Ibrahim (2010/11): Sniffing Robot
5. Muhammad Afiq Zimam b. Mohamed Munawar (2010/11): Simulation of tomography
6. Steffi Mit Angie(2010/11): Portable Potentiostat for Electrochemical Detection
7. Muhamad Khairul Amilin B. Muhamad Hassim (2011/12): MIcropump Flow Rate Control for Micro Droplet Device
8. Saiful Bahri Samsuri (2011/12): Autonomous Bicycle Balancing Robot
9. Siti Hajar Abdul Mutalib (2011/12): Study of Segmented Switching Electrode for ECT
10. Saleh Gamal Saleh Odhah (2012/13): Micropump control unit
11. Akram Abdulrahman Qasem Mahram (2012/2013): Portable Wind Speed measurement using Programming Integrated Circuit
12. Ahmad Ali Rashid bin Mohd Redza (2012/2013): Automatic Street Light
13. Mohamad Fekrie bin Mohd Nadzeri (2013/14): Smart Water Filter System
14. Noor Fadzillah binti Rusdi (2013/14): Monitoring System for Water Filter System
15. Mohd. Zikri Hamdan (2014/15): Temperature monitoring for microfluidic device
16. Mohd Firdaus bin Razali (2014/15): Microscale Flow control for multi phase microfluidic device
17. Muhamad Safuan Abdul Jabar (2014/15): Indoor temperature distribution study
18. Ummi Syahirah Zaini (2014/15): Microdroplet counting system
19. Muhammad Naqiuddin Bin Nazali (2016/17): Autotuned Electrical Muscle Stimulator With Electromyogram Biofeedback
20. Mohamad Danial Bin Yazid (2016/17): Vision Aided Automated Guided Vehicle 
21. Nurul Nadiah Binti Zulkifli (2016/17): Harvesting Electrical Energy From Rooftop Ventilator    
22. Hor Xian Feng (2017/18): Line Following Robot with PID Neural Network
23.  Khairul Bariyyah Binti Asmi (2017/18): Intelligent Autonomous Dustin
24. Jehad Mahmoud Shouraba (2017/2018): Palm Oil Fruit Ripeness Detection with Image Processing 
25. Rajasekhar a/l Thanabalan (2018/2019):
26. Nur Hafizah binti Atan (2018/2019):

Master Project students (Taught Course)

1. Lee Swee Tian (2009): Modeling of small scale fluid flow in midrofluidic device channel
2. Hediyeh Karimi (2009): Modeling of the microfluidic properties of a surface acoustic wave (SAW) device
3. Premesh Jethi (2011): Programmable Syringe Pump
4. Faizal Ferdian Ardhiwinata (2017): Temperature Compensation Correction For Accurate Boiler Drum Level Measurement

Master Research Students

1. Shahrulnizahani Mohammad Din (2011-2013): Modelling of Segmented Excitation ECT system 
2. Aizat Azmi (2012-2014): Miniaturized Planar Tomography System
3. Nur Adila binti Mohd Razali (2014-2017): On Chip Planar Tomography for Multiphase Fluid Dynamic Monitoring
4. Lau Khai Xin (2017 - Present): Sustainable and Smart Broiler House Farming in Malaysia
5. Hamizah Anuar (2018 - Present): Lab on Skin: Continuous Body Temperature for Health Awareness

Ph.D Research Students

1. Elmy Johana (2008-2011):  Portable Capacitance Tomography Used in Palm Oil Process Industry
2. Chee Pei Song (2010-2013): Development of micropumps for microfluidic devices
3. Adam Tijjani (2011-2014): Development of Lab-on-chip Microfluidics Nanowires Biosensor for Bio Molecule Detection
4. Fazlul Rahman bin mohd Yunus (2012- Present): Modelling of Process Tomography System
5. Siti Asmah bt Daud (2012-2016): Exploring the use of optical sensor to detect a limb for accurate reconstruction of lower limb prosthetic design
6. Yasmin binti Abdul Wahab (2013-2017): 2 MHz Electrical Resistance Tomography For Static Liquid-Solid Profile Measurement
7. Mohd Qamarul Arifin bin Rusli (2014 - 2018):  Fixed Geometry Valveless Micropump for Bidirectional Flow in Lab-On-Chip Application
8. Noor Dzulaikha Daud (2014 - Present): Study of the thermal effect on electric discharge machining (EDM)
9. Hor Xian Feng (2018 - Present): Tomography Lab on Chip for Microsample Imaging