Dr. Pei Ling, LEOW
Ph.D in Bioengineering (Biosensor), M.Eng (Electrical - Mechatronic & Automatic Control), B.Eng (Electrical - Control & Instrumentation)
Senior Lecturer
Office: P19a, Level 5, Room 05-02-11
Laboratory: Sensor and Actuator Laboratory (P02-415)
Control & Mechtronics Engineering Department
Faculty of Electrical Engineering
Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
81310 UTM Skudai, Johor Bahru
Tel: +607-55 57170 ; email: or

Pei Ling Leow joined the Faculty of Electrical Engineering (FKE), UTM since 2003 and she is currently a senior lecturer of the Control & Mechatronics Engineering Department. She graduated in Electrical Engineering (control & instrumentation), Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) in 2003. After her first degree she continue her master degree in Electrical Engineering majoring in mechatronics and automatic control in FKE, UTM and obtained her master degree in November 2004. She holds a PhD from the Bioengineering department (Biosensor research group) under the supervision of Dr. Danny O'Hare, Imperial College London working on In-column electrochemical detection for liquid chromatography awarded in 2009.  Her research interests are numerical modelling on microfluidics deivces, analytical chemistry - separation techniques, electrochemical detections, Lab on Chip applications, sensors and instrumentation. She is an affiliate member of the Royal Society of Chemistry (London) and a  member of the Board of Engineers Malaysia (BEM).